Our story

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[textbox title=”“A tavola non si invecchia.“ – Italian proverb. Translation: At the table with good friends and family you do not become old.” title_color=”#dddddd” title_fontsize=”32″ text_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″ text_animation=”grow-in” text_animation_delay=”200″]
[textbox title=”It is impossible to think about Italy, Spain, or Central America without thinking of delicious food and wine. The kitchen is central to the hearts and minds of European and Central Americans’s and this was the inspiration behind Entrepreneur and owner Fabrizio. With the blending of cultures that inspire the non-traditional mix of New and Old World culture, Per Se Social Corner is a hybrid of the classic Italian Kitchen and modern Spanish and Latin American Tapas Bar. Highlighted by local and international music, accented with a clean and modern decor Per Se Social Corner is the place where the fashionable come to play. ” title_color=”#e8e8e8″ text_align=”center” content_fontsize=”16″ text_content_color=”#ffffff” text_animation=”grow-in”]